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A Weather Eye Open: A Wayfarer’s Companion

A Weather Eye Open: A Wayfarer’s Companion, an indispensable supplement for RuneQuest that explores the often overlooked but powerful influence of weather on your adventures. Crafted as an aid for gamemasters, this publication is a treasure trove designed to elevate your gaming experience by seamlessly integrating weather dynamics into your storytelling canvas.

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“To Mediis Soccus, Armicustos of the Silver Shields New Pavis, from Servus Publicus Stultum, Quaestor Glamour, Greetings.
Having reviewed your requisition for 1,000 pairs of thick cold weather woolen socks I must inform you that this request has been declined. I have a very good friend, Maximus Socius, who visited Prax last year during the Month of Anticipation. He reliably informs me that the province is so hot it is possible to cook an egg on a shield. I fail to see, therefore, the point of the requisition and can only assume this an attempt at some form of humor, one that is not appreciated here in Glamour where real work is undertaken.”

Following on from Highways and Byways feedback, this Wayfarer’s Companion considers the much-underestimated potential for using weather in your RuneQuest gameplay. Designed to assist the gamemaster, this publication is intended to provide a backdrop to enrich gaming sessions, help scenario writing and answer on-the-spot questions about the weather.

Illustrated throughout with images evocative of the diverse regional geography A Weathereye Open contains:

  • A straightforward scalable weather generation system from three die rolls.
  • Key gameplay-related information regarding temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and winds.
  • A worked example of creating a weather almanac using Climate Tables
  • A guide to creating your own unique Climate Table and weather almanac from scratch.
  • Six pregenerated almanacs covering two years for the Climate Tables published in RuneQuest: Glorantha.
  • Pregenerated almanacs covering two years for Boldhome and the Upland Marsh
  • An index of weather-related spells, elevation estimates for notable settlements and comparison charts for Climate Table data

Oscar Wilde may have claimed that “conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative”, but clearly he never visited Glorantha where weather is not the plaything of the gods but their physical manifestation.

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