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Highways & Byways – A Wayfarer’s Companion

Highways & Byways – A Wayfarer’s Companion is a cartographic publication inspired by RuneQuest’s rich landscape. Packed with travel notes, detailed maps, and regional insights, it solves the traveler’s puzzle. From sunrise times to trade routes, it’s the essential tool for adventurers navigating perilous paths or charting new journeys.

Available as:

  • PDF for Highways & Byways – $16.85
  • Hardcover Premium Color Book – $43.95 – COMING SOON
  • Hardcover Standard Color Book – $33.95 – COMING SOON
  • PDF + Hardcover Premium Color Book – $53.95 – COMING SOON
  • PDF + Hardcover Standard Color Book – $43.95 – COMING SOON


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Australian Role Playing Industry Association Awards 2023
Winner – Best Cartography

We leave at dawn and travel on the road from Boldhome to Clearwine!, a simple statement but one loaded with questions and the possibility of adventure.

What time is dawn?
How long will the journey take?
Is there even a road to take or will the party have to travel overland?

Inspired by the cartography of the RuneQuest Starter Set by Jeff Richards and Matt Ryan, Highways and Byways tackles the dilemma of every adventurer; how to get from point A to point B.

Illustrated throughout with images evocative of the diverse regional geography Highways & Byways contains:

  • Notes on travel, movement and mounts
  • An expanded calendar with both Theylian and Lunar naming conventions
  • Times for sunrise, sunset and available daylight hours for travel each day
  • Distance tables for all major road and waterways
  • Descriptions of 48 regions covered by the Starter Set map
  • REMASTERED maps showing borders and routes for each region
  • Suggested names for unassigned locations
  • Indexed trade destinations
  • Distances in both metric and imperial units
  • Separate large scale route map of the expanded region

Whether you are planning logistics for a military campaign, devising the most optimal trade route or simply just trying to work out a better way to grandma’s house avoiding the wolf haunted woods, Highways and Byways is a useful companion for any wayfarer.


… a wonderful addition to the “Weapons & Equipment” book. With this book the GM doesn’t need to make the calculations by themselves or rule by hand-waiving. It makes the life easier for GMs.
– Andre Jarosch

Great product! Not something I would have thought of at all, but on first read, it became immediately invaluable.
– Will Johnson

This to my mind exemplifies why the Jonstown Compendium was a terrific idea. It allows the game and the setting to be stretched in totally different ways. ……absolutely terrific because it gives players so many tools to personalize their games with…. Another JC home run.
– Andrew Logan Montgomery – Platinum Bestselling JC Author

…instabuy! I like the way the regional tables are set out so you can see (and read) the journey as you go.
– Diana Probst for Beer from Teeth

Very cool indeed. The quality is outstandingly high.
– Gyles Hawkins


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