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The Reading Of A Will

The year is 1923, the place, Great Britain. King George V sits on the throne of Great Britain and the Conservative Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin leads the British government from Westminster. The Great War is over although its ramifications rumble throughout the British Empire and Europe; the old establishments of class, politics and religion have been shaken to the core but these are grand scale. For most people life, and death, still continues as it always has.

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Contacted out of the blue by a firm of respected London solicitors in regard to the estate of their late client, one Captain Robert Joyce, the beneficiaries – all strangers to each other – must travel to the late Captain’s home in a quiet corner of the county of Essex to hear their benefactor’s Last Will and Testament and claim their legacies.

Nothing unusual in such a request; true, attending a reading at the deceased‘s residence in person is rather old-fashioned, and none of the guests would claim a particularly close relationship with the Captain. Still, a weekend away with travel expenses paid on an island in the picturesque River Blackwater estuary at the end of summer does sound rather pleasant, even if it is under sad circumstances.

The Reading of a Will is a scenario for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition set in 1920s Britain. Designed for 3-4 mature players over 2-3 sessions, the scenario draws on the investigative and interpersonal skills of players and their Investigators. Will the group of strangers work with each other despite their differences, or tear themselves apart as who Captain Joyce was, his reason for bringing them together and the implications of his bequests are revealed? The book contains;

  • Over 75 pages of content with professional page lay-out
  • Detailed colour maps of the area, island and house environs
  • Fully detailed colour floorplan of the late Captain’s house with description
  • Extensive handouts (including easy read Keeper’s copy)
  • Notes on 1920s Britain
  • Statistics and descriptions for all NPCs
  • 7 pre-generated Investigators for players to choose from
  • Easy integration for Bring Your Own Investigators
  • Character sheet portraits (including 16 bonus portraits for BYO Investigators)
  • Separate maps and tokens for VTT use
  • Printer-friendly version included as a separate file

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