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Zweihander RPG Starter Kit

$71.45 inc GST

The ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Starter Kit beckons you into a realm of grim and perilous fantasy, where treacherous paths and untold mysteries intertwine. Everything you need to play your first role-playing game, set in the ENnie award winning, fantasy horror world of ZWEIHANDER RPG.

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The ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Starter Kit beckons you into a realm of grim and perilous fantasy, where treacherous paths and untold mysteries intertwine. Prepare yourself for a plunge into the dark and gripping world of ZWEIHÄNDER, where danger lurks in every shadow and adventure awaits at every turn.

At the core of this starter box is an immersive 400-page rulebook, a compendium that encapsulates the essence of this dark fantasy roleplaying game. Dive into its pages to discover a wealth of detailed lore, comprehensive rules, and a system that places storytelling and player agency at its heart. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking depth or a novice delving into the world of tabletop RPGs, this rulebook acts as your trusty guide through the complexities of ZWEIHÄNDER.

But the adventure doesn’t halt with rules alone. The starter box presents a trove of treasures to enrich your experience. Uncover a thrilling adventure with “A Bitter Harvest,” a full-length introductory adventure brimming with intrigue, danger, and opportunities for heroism. Explore a meticulously crafted narrative that thrusts you into a world teetering on the brink of chaos and offers countless paths to shape your destiny.

Complementing the rich storytelling is a set of 12 custom engraved dice, each bearing the weight of fate in their design. These dice serve as your companions, guiding your actions and determining your fate in the ever-evolving narrative of ZWEIHÄNDER.

Furthermore, the Starter Box Set includes 25 character sheets, allowing you and your companions to create unique heroes to traverse the perilous landscapes of this dark fantasy realm. From the pious to the cunning, from the stalwart to the arcane, the choices are yours to shape an enthralling story.

Embrace the art of storytelling and immerse yourself in the intricate world-building opportunities with the provided set of 60 peril cards. These cards inject unpredictability and twists into your adventures, ensuring that every session is filled with tension and surprises.

With the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Starter Box Set, the boundaries between reality and fiction blur as you step into a realm where your decisions echo across the tapestry of fate. Are you ready to embark on a journey where danger lurks in every shadow, and your actions determine the course of a world on the brink of collapse?

The ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Starter Box Kit awaits, inviting you to partake in a tale of courage, cunning, and survival in a grim and perilous world. Are you prepared to shape your destiny in this captivating and darkly atmospheric adventure?

What’s Inside:

  • One rulebook for creating characters
  • One rulebook for running the game
  • Secrets of Swanzi feature-length adventure
  • 6 high-quality polyhedral dice
  • Folding Gamemaster’s Screen
  • Folding poster and village-crawl map
  • 13 Character Profession Folios
  • 9 Fortune and Misfortune tokens
  • 18 Sliding Condition Trackers
  • 72 Clue, Injury, and Spell cards
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