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Chicken vs Hotdog

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Chicken vs Hotdog: Flip poultry, hurl franks in this uproarious game! 30 challenges, crazy flips, pure hilarity awaits!

BOTTLE FLIPPING, BUT BETTER: Introducing a family party game about flipping chickens and throwing hot dogs into the air.
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Get ready for the quirkiest, most clucktastic showdown ever: Chicken vs Hotdog! Picture this: it’s bottle flipping, but with a feathered twist and frankfurter flair. Imagine the thrill of flipping poultry and launching hotdogs skyward—madness, right? But wait, there’s more!

With 30 epic challenges, it’s all about flipping and sticking those landings. Pick a card, flip your character, and master the art of the stick—nail it, and you’re on your way to total domination. And if that’s not enough, buckle up for the Flip-o-Rama madness: match your opponent’s card and it’s a frantic race to stick the landing!

Rally your crew, whether it’s a barnyard battle for two or an all-out family frenzy for up to 10 players. Chicken vs Hotdog’s got room for everyone, from the poultry-flipping pros to the hotdog-hurling heroes.

This game? Cluckin’ brilliant! In just 10 seconds, you’ll be a flipping master, but beware—it’s addictively fun. Laugh till you cry, engage in friendly rivalries, and embrace your newfound talent for airborne antics!

So, are you prepared for the most feather-ruffling, hotdog-launching spectacle ever? Chicken vs Hotdog—a game where hilarity reigns, rivalries flourish, and flippin’ becomes an art form. Get ready to flip, stick, and claim victory in the most poultry-packed party game yet!

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