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Cthulu Dice (Green/Purple)

$21.95 inc GST

The Last Sane Cultist Wins!

Cthulhu Dice invites you into Lovecraftian horror! Engage in a chilling tabletop experience, roll the dice, and navigate the eerie realms it unveils.

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Welcome to the chaos of Cthulhu Dice—where madness reigns and the last semblance of sanity wins the day! Unleash cosmic mayhem as you roll the big, gloriously detailed 12-sided die. Marvel at its tentacled magnificence as it plunges your rivals into a maddening frenzy, stealing their precious sanity with each roll.

Strategize, manipulate, and revel in the madness! But beware the dreaded Cthulhu roll—a mind-shattering moment where even the mightiest cultists lose their grip on reality. That’s right, when Cthulhu emerges, prepare for collective insanity! Will you be the last beacon of rationality or succumb to the chaotic whims of the eldritch?

Quick-paced and utterly deranged, Cthulhu Dice offers a cosmic thrill in just a few minutes, even when summoning a party of six cultists! With its captivating custom die featuring tentacles and Elder Signs, and 18 sanity-sapping glass marbles, it’s the perfect addition to any gathering of fellow Cthulhu aficionados . . . or those seeking a touch of madness in their game nights.

So gather ’round, dear cultists—or fans, as some call themselves—and prepare for a whirlwind of eldritch fun. Who will emerge victorious, clutching the frayed threads of sanity? Dive into Cthulhu Dice and embrace the delightful madness that awaits. And remember, when Cthulhu beckons, insanity is just a roll away!

Key Features

  • Plays in just a few minutes – even with six players!
  • Contains one die – a big, beautiful, custom 12-sider – and 18 glass marbles for Sanity.
  • The perfect party game for your fellow Cthulhu cultists . . . er, fans.
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