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Cooked Aussies

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Gather ’round, you wild lot, for a ripper of a game—Cooked Aussies! This game ain’t for the drongos; it’s for the legends who know how to throw back a cold one and have a good time.

Get set for a fair dinkum adventure with cards that’ll make you laugh harder than a kookaburra at sunrise. There’s the Drink cards, where you’ll show off your drinking prowess, mate. Don’t know how to hold your beer? You’ll be called a drongo quicker than you can say “g’day”! Then there’s the Vote cards—flog the rascal that most fits the bill. Think you can suss out your mates’ antics? Give it a burl, cobber!

But fair warning, this ain’t just a walkabout! With Categories cards, you’ll be naming stuff faster than a kangaroo hops. But don’t be a dipstick and repeat what someone just spat out, or it’s a drink for you, mate! Rules? Mate, they’re fair dinkum, and they last until someone shouts “cheers”! How long? She’ll be right, that’s up to you legends.

So, gather your mates, crack open a coldie, and dive into the chaos. Keep an eye out for the rules, have a laugh, and remember: it’s all about having a bloody good time. Cooked Aussies is more than a game; it’s a bonzer experience where everyone’s a winner—especially when you’re cooked! Chuck another snag on the barbie and get ready to get coooooooooookt! Ay, cheers, mate!

Embrace the laid-back Aussie spirit with Cooked Aussies, where rules are as flexible as the outback and laughter is guaranteed. Whether you’re a seasoned larrikin or a newbie to the scene, this game is a fair dinkum riot. Crack open a cold one and let the shenanigans begin!

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