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Rubble Redux: Insula of the Rising Sun

Insula of the Rising Sun steps into uncharted realms, where each crumbling edifice conceals untold mysteries and unforeseen challenges. Expand your RuneQuest adventures with a wealth of richly detailed ruins, beckoning players and game masters to chart new horizons and weave enthralling tales in the ruins of the Big Rubble.

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Rubble Redux: Insula of the Rising Sun is the second in a series of resource books for RuneQuest GM’s detailing an ‘insula’ or city block that makes up the ruins of the Big Rubble, set in the rich fantasy world of Glorantha created by Greg Stafford and friends.

Based on real archaeological plans reworked for roleplay gaming, each publication provides a realistic and practical description of a section of ruins with accompanying floor-plans and suggested mini scenarios ready for insertion into your campaign.

Whether your adventurers are working for a patron charged with bringing back the glory of Old Pavis, taking advantage of the power vacuum following the liberation of Pavis from the Lunar occupation or simply adventuring for fame, plunder and the thrill of it all, Rubble Redux opens deeper opportunities and insights for players and the gamemaster alike.

  • Description of Rubble ‘Insula’ or city block with downloadable floor-plans.
  • Details on travelling, working and making money in the Big Rubble,
  • 4 scenarios with comprehensive stat blocks
    • Bison Stake
    • Yelm’s Sweat
    • Children of the Stone Cow
    • Grist for the Mill
  • Downloadable, modular floor-plans (avaialble as individual files or in a handy ZIP collection)

Drew Baker’s Rubble Redux: Insula of the Rising Sun contains detailed archaeological descriptions and floorplans of a second ruined city-block in the Big Rubble, supported by essays on travel and excavation times, agriculture, and four short scenarios. The 131-page book comes in colour and low-ink versions, with 14 separate 25mm grey-scale battle-maps and an overview map. I like Drew’s detailed descriptions, his gritty and realistic take on the decline and fall of Old Pavis, and the colourful dialogue and vignettes in his scenarios; the scribal debates about naming the insula are particularly fine. Because each of the 14 buildings is presented separately (as with Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon), the floor plans are highly portable and could be reused for any Type C or better structure, alone or in groups.” – Nick Brooke [Rough Guide to Glamour, Life of Moonson and more]

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