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Herd Mentality

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Think like the majority, not for yourself.

Herd Mentality: Align thoughts, win cows, avoid the Pink Cow! Hilarious family party game with TechRadar’s stamp of approval!

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4-20 Players  |  20 Mins  |  Ages 10+
Features: Voting, Party Game, Animals


Round up your friends, family, and even cow rustlers for the uproarious game of Herd Mentality! Think like the herd, scribble down matching answers, and win cows galore. But beware the dreaded Pink Cow—the odd answer out that turns your prized herd into a worthless mess until you can pass it on!

This riotous party game guarantees laughter and antics for all ages. Embrace the challenge of aligning thoughts with the herd to win those precious cows and race towards victory. But be wary, as the sneaky Pink Cow can turn your winnings into a bovine nightmare!

TechRadar hails it as a ‘fabulous game to play with families,’ and rightly so! It’s a belly-aching adventure that keeps everyone on their toes. Packaged with top-quality components, Herd Mentality promises a premium gaming experience wrapped in premium packaging.

Gather ’round for a hilarious showdown where thinking alike leads to moo-velous rewards! Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the herd, this game ensures uproarious fun and a barnyard full of laughter. Are you ready to gather eight cows and claim victory? Yeehaw—it’s time to think like the herd and win big in Herd Mentality!

Herd Mentality is guaranteed to have you in stitches… a fabulous game to play with families” – TechRadar 2022

  • A hilarious family party game with mass appeal.
  • High-quality components and premium packaging.
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