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Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon

Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon is the first of a series of resource books for RuneQuest GMs detailing an insula or city block that makes up the ruins of the Big Rubble in Prax.
Set in the rich fantasy world of Glorantha created by Greg Stafford and based on real archaeological plans reworked for roleplay gaming, each publication provides a realistic and practical description of a section of ruins with accompanying floor-plans and suggested mini encounters ready for insertion into your campaign.

Whether your adventurers are working for a patron charged with bringing back the glory of Old Pavis, taking advantage of the power vacuum following the liberation of Pavis from the Lunar occupation or simply adventuring for fame, plunder and the thrill of it all, Rubble Redux opens deeper opportunities and insights for players and the gamemaster alike.

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Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon is the inaugural installment in a series designed for RuneQuest GMs. Journey through the intricate city blocks nestled within the Big Rubble of Prax, revealing a wealth of resources ripe for exploration.

Immerse yourself in Glorantha’s rich realm, crafted from Greg Stafford’s vivid imagination and fortified by meticulous archaeological plans reimagined for thrilling roleplay. Each publication unveils a meticulously detailed section of ruins, boasting realistic descriptions, intricate floor-plans, and meticulously crafted mini encounters, seamlessly adaptable to your campaign.

Whether your adventurers are champions tasked with restoring the grandeur of Old Pavis, exploiting power vacuums post-Lunar occupation, or driven by the allure of fame and plunder, “Rubble Redux” opens gateways to new vistas and experiences. Delve into deeper opportunities, unearthing layers of insights and adventures that resonate with both players and the mastermind behind the game.

Embark on a journey into the heart of ruins where glory, intrigue, and treasures await—where each turn reveals new challenges and untold tales. “Rubble Redux: Insula of the Waning Moon” is your passport to uncharted territories, enriching your Runequest adventures with unparalleled depth and possibility.


  • Description of Rubble ‘Insula’ or city block.
  • 4 scenarios with comprehensive statistics:
    • Thirsty Work
    • Lucky Snake Ball
    • No Good Deed
    • First Rule of Fight Club
  • Downloadable, modular floor-plans (PDF version only)
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