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Embrace chaos with ‘LEGION’, the essential supplement designed for RuneQuest GMs navigating the vibrant tapestry of Glorantha. In this compendium, discover a sprawling array of chaotic adversaries—96 pre-rolled broo ranging from aspirant lay members to lethal rune lord/priests, offering an array of challenges for adventurers.

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She could see them now. A jumble of disparate silhouettes at the edge of the campfire. Through the chittering throng a magisterial figure approached. This broo was considerably larger than any she has seen before. Naked save for a loincloth of indeterminate origin it strode into the firelight. Huge white horns with innumerable carved runes rose from its muscled skull. Pointing an evil, curved blade at Vasana it bellowed ‘I am Immortal White Horn, son of Thed and Wakboth’s fist. We have come for you Lightbringer and we are LEGION!”

LEGION is a chaos NPC supplement for GMs running Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha games.
Broo are numerous and varied adversaries. This supplement provides 96 pre-rolled chaos enemies from the aspirant lay members to deadly rune lord / priests.

  • 20 rune level NPCs with full descriptions.
  • 6 beautiful, full colour, full page character portraits.
  • Many other depictions of these despicable devotees of chaos.
  • 26 fully described initiate level NPCs
  • 48 complete lay members for lower level characters or cannon-fodder for more advanced players!
  • 9 new deadly diseases that will challenge even the most dedicated Chalana Arroy priestess.
  • Broo Name Generator
  • Scenario: Imperial Waystation #42
    Discover an abandoned Lunar waystation and defend it against a broo onslaught.

…..this is not The Big Book of Gloranthan Bedtime Stories, but Gibson’s Legion is as responsible as a work of horror or dark fantasy fiction could be.
Best $9 you will spend this week.
Andrew Logan Montgomery

The book is lavishly illustrated, with five full-page pictures and more original artwork throughout the Rune-levels and Diseases. The presentation is tasteful: there in no gross “rapey” content, no mention of breeding practices….
Nick Brooke – Jonstown Compendium Scenarios & Sourcebooks

…a big old list of bad ass Broo who will ruin your characters day but not your players. Loads of great hooks and some really, really stand out bad guys the players will love to hate. Well done!
Dom Twist – Beer with Teeth

…recommended. A very useful publication for any GM who might want a horrible Chaos foe or two, varying from dangerous foes that challenge Rune Lords to inexperienced broo that are appropriate challenges for a single beginning PC, with all the work of fully detailed statistics, retaining all the creative variance you’d expect from Glorantha’s nastiest Chaos race.
David Cake

“…a combination of ‘Runemasters’ and ‘Foes’, with some new and interesting full colour art.
I think this is a great supplement of its type.”
Andrew Taylor

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