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Sticky Cthulhu

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Cthulhu has been awakened, and now, it’s time to eat! The Ancient One spreads his tentacles and devours anything he can grab! Sticky Cthulhu takes the fun of Sticky Chameleon in a version more insane than ever! Roll the dice, catch (and eat) the Cultists, and make your opponents go crazy! Electrifying, delirious, slimy: Sticky Cthulhu is insanely hilarious!

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Prepare for a hilariously chaotic and slime-filled adventure with Sticky Cthulhu! In this uproarious game, the cosmic horror of Cthulhu has been awakened, and it’s time for a monstrous feast! The Ancient One, with its writhing tentacles, unleashes a frenzy, devouring anything it can grasp.

Building upon the uproarious mechanics of Sticky Chameleon, Sticky Cthulhu catapults players into an even more insane version of the game. The premise is simple yet wildly entertaining: roll the dice, catch (and eat) the Cultists, and watch as your opponents teeter on the brink of madness!

Imagine the electrifying atmosphere as players dive into this deliriously sticky gameplay. The thrill intensifies as each roll of the dice determines the fate of the Cultists, devoured by Cthulhu’s insatiable hunger. The game’s twist of devouring Cultists and creating mayhem ensures an unpredictable, laughter-filled experience at every turn.

The sheer absurdity and frenzy of Sticky Cthulhu evoke riotous excitement, promising hours of joyous pandemonium. With its mix of strategy, chance, and outrageous humor, this game is a guaranteed hit for game nights, family gatherings, or any occasion that craves infectious laughter and whimsical chaos.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to tabletop gaming, Sticky Cthulhu offers an irresistible blend of slimy fun and unpredictable gameplay. Embrace the madness, revel in the hilarity, and witness as chaos unfolds with every roll of the dice. Sticky Cthulhu is the perfect recipe for uproarious entertainment that’s guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches!

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