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Gemini Polyhedral Astral Blue-White/Red – Dice Set

$17.67 inc GST

Embark on gaming with Astral Blue-White/Red Gemini Dice! This set offers various polyhedral dice for epic adventures. Roll into greatness!

SKU: CHX26457 Category: Product ID: 3981


Gemini Polyhedral Astral Blue-White/Red

Prepare for epic odysseys with the Gemini Polyhedral Astral Blue-White/Red Dice set! Crafted for adventurers seeking thrilling quests, these polyhedral dice, including the d4, d12, and more, transport you to realms of intrigue and adventure. The vibrant colours and precise numbering of these dice add depth to your narratives as you engage in strategic battles and weave captivating stories. Let these dynamic and striking dice guide your fate as you embark on legendary journeys and courageous quests.

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